• Q How can I search sellers?
  • A 1. Click Product category from the list. You can choose all OR a smaller number of product categories that sellers make. 2. Choose level of sellers. ‘Level’ is based on systematic level standard developed by HERIBio. 3. Enter keyword(s) in search bar. 4. All keywords you entered will be listed in the box. 4-1 To search with selected options, click search button 4-2 You may clear all options by clicking “Clear all options” **If you couldn’t get result you want, please edit search options and try again. 1. Click Product category from the list. You can choose all OR a smaller number of Product categories that sellers make. 2. Popular or recommended labs are listed below the product category.
  • Q What can I order in HERi2go?
  • A HERi2go offers various kinds of dental appliances including prosthesis and orthodontic device. Detail products are depend on what sellers registered. The main product category is like below: 1. Prosthesis -Denture -Crown&Bridge -Implant prosthesis -Inlay/Onlay -Laminate 2. Orthodontic device -Invisible aligner -Active plate -Functional appliance -Fixed appliance -Arch wire -Lingual indirect bonding -Labial indirect bonding -Study model -Bite plate -Tooth positioner -Mouth guard -Splint -Retainer -Regainer -Snoring/OSA appliance
  • Q How can I place an order?
  • A Select a seller that you want to order products. In its profile, click ""Purchase order"" button to fill out order details.
  • Q How can I order prosthesis?
  • A 1. Choose one seller among sellers. 2. Click “Purchase Request” 3. Choose “Requested arrival date”(Optional). Please note that this date is only a requestion to the seller so this might not be fulfilled due to sellers’ work and delivery status. Please check out average working days of each product and average delivery date. 4. Enter patient’s information; name, date of birth and gender. This information is used for helping communication only. (If you don’t write patient’s name, it will be automatically filled as Patient 1, Patient 2, … Patient 10) 5. One page of purchase order form belongs to one patient. If you want to add more pages for other patients, click “Add Patient” button. In case you want to order one patient’s prosthesis AND orthodontic device from one seller, please separate purchase order in two pages by clicking “Add Patient”.(Maximum number of purchase order pages that can be submitted at once is 10) 6. Attach up to 5 photos that can help dental technicians to understand patients’ statement and detail request of order such as teeth shade. 7. Select teeh/jaw and select products for each part. Describe details of order and patient. Attach oral scan file for each product/part.
  • Q How can I order orthodontic device?
  • A Upper and Lower jaws are added basically in order sheet for orthodontic device. Choose and fill out the jaw(s) that you want to order orthodontic device. Choose product and options for each jaw in detail. Please choose all detailed options to order. Final price for each product will be seen after you choose every option. -When you choose the last option of the products, sample image will be seen on the right side of the options. Please refer to it so that it could help you order exact products. You can draw guidelines/detailed description of orthodontic device that shows detail of the product you want. -Draw with computer mouse over the teeth/jaw model. -If it is not comfortable with drawing by mouse, you can also print out the teeth/jaw model for drawing with pen and upload it. -Please draw as accurate as possible. Including text in the drawing would help more. Attach oral scan file link of the patient. You can copy and paste the link of the file OR write down the email address that you will send the file. (This is an important step to make prosthesis/orthodontic device so please don’t forget attaching file) Describe detailed request about the product. This is an optional but we highly recommend to fill out so that the seller can make exact product. -If there was anything you couldn’t explain/express in the drawing, you can write description here. Check the total price for a patient in the order sheet. You can write the whole request or information of the patient in “Request” field. We recommend to write about patient’s status, surgical information, total request of product(s) and etc. To check the price, please click “Receipt” on the right.
  • Q How can I order invisible aligner?
  • A Most of steps are same as ordering orthodontic device. Angulation/extraction option is added to order sheet for invisible aligner. 1) Angulation: Enter angulation with numbers and decimal point. 2) Extraction: Click the box to express the extracted tooth. If you click the same box again, it will be back as non-extracted statement
  • Q Can I cancel orders?
  • A Cancellation of order is possible to request before the seller confirms order. If the seller already confirmed order, you can't cancel it. In this case, please discuss with seller. 1. Choose purchase order from “New order” list.You can cancel partially/whole from orders with “Requested” status only. 2. Choose the product(s) that you want to cancel. 3. Select reason for refund from the list.Refund takes several working days.
  • Q How can I become a seller?
  • A Only officially registered dental labs can become HERi2go's sellers. To register as seller, dental lab has to register as seller first and click ""Go to Seller's page"" and fill out seller registration form. By filling out all information in two steps and administrator approves, you can finally become seller. 1) Corporation(Dental lab) name Please enter the exact same corporation name as written on the business registration. 2) Business registration number Please enter the exact same number as written on the business registration. After entering, make sure to press the ""Check"" button to check if it is already a registered number. 3) Founded month/year Please select the exact same founded month/year as written on the business registration. 4) Owner name Please enter the exact same name as written on the business registration. 5) Email address Apart from the email used as an ID of seller, it is used to notify the seller's application process. After completing the application, the result will be notified by email. 6) Required documents You have to submit copy of business registration and owner's ID in STEP 1. -Business registration should be in English or Korean language. -Types of accepted IDs are like below; 1) Korean citizen: One from Residents, Passport or Driver's license 2) Non Korean citizen: One from Passport, Driver's license, State ID or Permanent residency -Please cover sensitive information such as owner's birthday, resident registration number and social security number before submit. 7) Adjustment information Please enter accurate adjusment information such as office address, bank account number and account holder's name. Adjustment cycle and date will be informed after seller's registration is approved and these are varied depending on the lab level.
  • Q What is "Offline assessment"?
  • A HERi2go developed assessment system of dental labs/products to support dental labs' doing online business in our platform. A panel of judges who have professional knowledge about dentistry will visit the lab for lab/product assessment after the documents are approved. HERi2go's staff will inform you about the process and schedule about the assessment. Assessment will be done by HERi2go's system and the initial lab level and product score will be decided. Level and score can be changed based on sellers' works and buyers' evaluation.
  • Q How can I start as a seller?
  • A 1. Please fill out all the corporation information to use HERi2go as a seller. -Click ""Corporation information"" in the top menu and fill out all the information. -Fileds/features with ""*"" are required informations. Please fill out all of them. -Corporation information is important for buyers when choosing their business partners. Please type as detail as possible. -Please write all information in English. 2. Register products to sell. Click ""Products"" menu on the left side of the website. Please fill out or select all the details of the products you sell; Main cagetory, lower category, detail options, duration, price and etc.
  • Q How can I register products?
  • A You can register products in "Products" menu. Prosthesis and Orthodontic device should be registered separately and main categories such as ""Denture"" are automatically entered. You can enter/register products you want to sell by main cagetores. Please enter the minimum price of each product in ""Price"" input field. Specific prices based on materials and additional parts can be entered in each options as extra price. Final price will be automatically calculated when buyers select all the details of products' options. Please enter duration for each main categories. You can choose minimum to maximum days and 1 to 30 days can be chosen for each.
  • Q How does the exchange rate applied in adjustment?
  • A KEB Hana Bank's announced exchange rate standard of adjustment day is applied
  • Q What is payment method in HERi2go?
  • A We offer point payment system. You have to charge point by PayPal or credit card. Every product's price is set in USD. 1 USD is converted as 1 point(pt) and you can charge in specific charging units. ※Charging units can be changed due to HERi2go's policy
  • Q What is "bonus point"?
  • A "Bonus point" is a reward for buyers who recharged point. The amount of 10% from point that you charged is given as bonus point. (For example, if you charged 1000pt, you will get 100pt as bonus point.) ※Bonus point can be used for payment when the accumulated amount is 1000pt or more. ※If you refund charged point, bonus point will be canceled with amount of 10% from refunded point. ※Bonus point and charged point can be used in a same time.
  • Q How can I communicate with sellers/buyers?
  • A You can communicate in real-time in Brity Messenger. Brity Messenger is a mobile based messenger so you have to download it form App store/Play store. You have to sign up to Brity Messenger with email which is used as HERi2go ID so that you can use our special feature only for HERi2go users. To communicate with other users, please search their names in Brity Messenger.
  • Q What kind of special features can I use in Brity Messenger?
  • A Translation, delivery tracking, chatbot and etc. are provided special features for HERi2go users.